Welcome to AgapePoint!  I am an Evangelist, a messenger, for Jesus Christ!  I have also served in the United States Marine Corps and know what it is to have sinned, lived an ungodly life.  Having lived in many ways contrary to the will, the word and the way of the Lord I stood guilty and deserving of God’s judgment.  How blessed I am to have come to a greater knowledge and understanding of the love of Jesus Christ.  That, while hating the sin, he still loves the sinner.  How fortunate I am that Jesus died on the Cross of Calvary where he paid my debt for sin.  There he died the death that should have been mine, and now affords me the opportunity to live a life as a child of God.  While Judgment Day is surely coming, I know by faith in Jesus Christ, I am now a son of the Living God and heaven is my eternal destination.  Such is available for you as well when you allow Jesus to become Lord of your life.  AgapePoint is here for the purpose of helping people, Christian or not, to have a deeper loving relationship in Christ Jesus.  I hope your visit here will be one of many and that it will have been a blessed one.


Keith C. Brown

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