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Jesus Must Increase, I Must Decrease Part 5 (20110701)

July 1, 2011


“He must become greater; I must become less.” (John 3:30, NIV) For many folks there remains a temptation to want to be first; to be the big kahuna!  They like telling great big stories, not for the sake of simply engaging their friends and family, but for the sake of being first.  Others like to […]

Jesus Must Increase, I Must Decrease Part 4 (20110630)

June 30, 2011


“He must become greater; I must become less.” (John 3:30, NIV) What or who are you constantly reading about, studying about, talking about?  Whatever or whoever it is, that is what is most important to you.  For some folks it is their job, for others their favorite hobby, still others it has something to do […]

Jesus Must Increase, I Must Decrease Part 3 (20110629)

June 29, 2011


“He must become greater; I must become less.” (John 3:30, NIV) Sometimes when we become less there can be a sense where we become more.  In other words we find ourselves doing incredible things that we normally would not be doing.  For instance, consider Elijah, who stands before King Ahab and says, “As the LORD, […]

Memorial Day Christ The Battle Standard (201100603)

June 3, 2011


There is a great spiritual battle raging and God reminds us saying, “Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.”  (1 Peter 5:8, NIV) Don’t think for a moment that you and I have what it takes to defeat Satan, our mighty foe, without […]

Memorial Day More Than Conquers (201100602)

June 2, 2011


We live in a day when many people show themselves to be victims.  And such a portrayal of self is often encouraged by those around us.  But if we are in Christ, we are not victims; Paul in his letters to the Christians in Rome says something far better.  “35  Who shall separate us from […]

Memorial Day Keep Running The Race (201100601)

June 1, 2011


I hope you had an enjoyable Memorial Day with your friends and families this weekend.  It does us good to reflect with our loved ones the price that was paid to secure our liberty here in America, and all the more for those who suffered and died to help spur us on in our spiritual […]

Memorial Day Freed By Blood (20110531)

May 31, 2011


Certainly Memorial Day has a very special place in the hearts of most Americans as each of us has had the opportunity to stop and reflect upon those great service men and women gave their lives that we might enjoy the fundamental right of freedom.  But, freedom is more than a right, it is a […]

Memorial Day and Living Lives of Dignity (20110530)

May 31, 2011


This week we celebrate Memorial Day.  A day set apart when we remember and reflect upon the lives of those brave men who served and died to promote freedom both here and throughout the world.  The lives we live and the freedoms we share here in these United States of America have been the envy […]

It Is A Beautiful Day Part 2 (20110520)

May 21, 2011


So life has not been everything you wanted it to be.  Well, it is safe to say that such is the case for the rest of us as well.  Everyone of us has suffered many kinds of hardships in this world.  Hey, just being born into this world is a rough experience. It has always […]

It Is A Beautiful Day Part 1 (20110519)

May 19, 2011


As we journey here in this fallen world, there are places and people in our lives that are…, well, let’s say less than desirable to us at times.  At such times it is easy to be overcome with negative feelings and possibly even some depression. I imagine that such was the case for two women […]