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Bringing On The Son-shine Part Three (20110504)

May 4, 2011


Pruning!  That is what I did to one of the flowers in my garden.  Before I had pruned it, it was dying.  I had tried everything, and still my beautiful flower was dying.  I had weeded around it.  I had fertilized its roots and leaves.  I had watered it correctly and made sure that it […]

Bringing On The Son-shine Part Two (20110503)

May 3, 2011


I remember years ago when I was in college I would regularly meet with a fellow Christian who always seemed to be down on the world and everyone in it.  He even complained to me about me!  For a while I was stumped as to what to do to help make the situation better.  Speaking […]

Bringing On The Sonshine (20110502)

May 2, 2011


Storms!  They come on their own terms, in their own ways and in their own time.  We have no control over them.  They can, in a moment’s notice, lay claim to lives young and old.  They can devastate either a local community or have a global impact. While we cannot control the storm, we can […]

Having Everything In Christ part 5 (20110422)

April 21, 2011


Truly we, who are in Christ, have something to rejoice in.  Peter speaking of the Lord said, “His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness.” (2 Peter 1:3, NIV). God has provided everything we need for […]

Having Everything In Christ part 4 (20110421)

April 21, 2011


We so often want to think that we are “good enough.”  But, we know deep down inside that we so often fall short and fail; that we are not good enough.  We may even say to ourselves, “What would God want with someone like me anyway?” The truth is none of us are “good enough” […]

Having Everything In Christ part 3 (20110420)

April 20, 2011


Sometimes it feels as if we are under incredible pressure to succeed.  And, even when we have, by the world’s standards succeeded, we often discover that it was not everything we thought it would have been. God has something different in mind for us.  Real and lasting success will be carried on not only through […]

Having Everything In Christ Part 1 (20110418)

April 18, 2011


Heaven!  Now that’s the place I want to go to when my time here on earth is done.  But, I am occasionally tempted to think that I don’t have everything that I need to get there.  That’s when I am so glad to be reminded by God’s word that it’s not all on me, much […]

Simple Principles to a Better Life Part Five (20110325)

March 25, 2011


Sometimes we just want to cry out for it…, mercy!  Have mercy on me!  I know I deserve to be rebuked.  I know I deserve the discipline.  But please!  Have mercy on me. At one time or another many of us have felt this way.  And probably, at one time or another, someone has wanted […]

Simple Principles to a Better Life Part Four (20110324)

March 24, 2011


We all love to be included!  It is part of our human make up.  And we know we are included when a person, or a group of people say to us, come on in; join in the fellowship and the festivities.  Come and sit at our table, feast with us, dine with us and enjoy […]

Simple Principles to a Better Life Part Three (20110323)

March 23, 2011


So you have done something wrong, and you know it!  I understand we all have done it; we all have sinned and fall short of the glory of the Lord.  All of God’s holy prophets and all of God’s holy apostles have done things wrong too.  That is one of the things I love about […]